PCLL Engineering Ltd.

PCLL Engineering Ltd.’s principal is Patrick LaPointe  P. Eng.   Mr. LaPointe is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of engineering experience in heavy industry.  Mr. LaPointe’s designs can be found in pulp and paper mills, nuclear and conventional power plants, french fry plants, OSB (oriented strand board) plants, saw mills and bio-mass generating stations.

Mr. LaPointe has become very knowledgeable and experienced in static and dynamic pipe stress analysis and hydraulic simulations to study water hammer and steam hammer effects.  In this capacity as a pipe stress analysis specialist, Mr. LaPointe provided service to Stantec, AMEC, NB Power, NS Power, VALE (formerly INCO), the Irving group of companies, Babcock and Wilcox …

When employed at Stantec and AMEC, Mr. LaPointe’s advice was frequently sought after in the development of piping specifications and tanks and pressure vessel designs.

Mr. LaPointe is a registered professional engineer in:

Alberta  186722
New Brunswick  M2304
Nova Scotia    9339
Newfoundland and Labrador    01097